En av våra samarbetspartner i EU-projekten håller på med en undersökning av relationen mellan Närradion och samhället. Var gärna med och fyll i undersökningen på länken nedan. Se mer info på engelska nedan.

I am Igor Žmitek Prošić, co-worker of Radio Student from Slovenia and for my thesis I’m researching the relationship of community radio stations and their communities. Before you is a short questionnaire which tries to identify the ways and activities by which you interact and engage with your communities.

I am doing my research with the help of the AMARC World Network which will gladly use the results by their future endeavours. I kindly ask you for 10 min of your time to answer the questionnaire by the 12th of August 2016. Doing so, you will enable the network of community radio stations a better understanding of your relationship with your communities which you address, and enable me to finish my educational path in the field that interests me.

Link: https://www.1ka.si/a/101961

Best regards,

Igor Prošić

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